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A new roof is an important investment and selecting a qualified roofing contractor is critical - both for your home or business and your peace of mind. Listed below are some questions to help you evaluate the contractor with whom you choose to install your new roof.

  • Does the contractor have a permanent place of business, telephone number, physical address, and Tax ID number?

  • Does the contractor have the appropriate building licenses? States and counties vary in their requirements and you can check with your state and local building departments?

  • Does the contractor have liability insurance and worker's compensation? Insist on seeing the certificates.

  • Is the contractor properly licensed and bonded? The State of Oregon Construction Contractors Board website is: http://www.oregon.gov/CCB

  • Does the contractor provide a written proposal detailing the work, cost, and warranties?

  • Can the contractor supply a list of references of clients with the same kind of system you are having installed?

  • Is the contractor a member of any regional or national associations?

  • Does the contractor have a written safety program?

  • Has the contractor asked for payment in advance? A qualified contractor should not ask for payment for work not yet started.
  • If requested payment for materials after they have been delivered, ask to see the invoice and have the contractor provide a lien release from the supplier for the amount of the payment.

  • Have there been any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau regarding the contractor?
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